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  1. The Salt Box
  2. Paddle Club
  3. River Retreat
  4. Gap House
  5. Lake House
  6. Harbour Cove
  7. Marin Hill
  8. High Bar Pavilion
  9. MC Ranch Reno
  10. Beach Roost

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We are an award-winning contemporary architecture practice based in New Jersey. Recognized for unique, high-quality design, we provide architectural, planning, interior design and construction management services across a range of project types.

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32 Monmouth Street, Floor 3
Red Bank, New Jersey 07701

PO Box 2145
Long Beach Township, New Jersey 08008

Phone: +01 732 279 7577

Lake House

A peaceful, lakefront escape perched on a steep sloping site. 

Danbury, Connecticut

On the boards
A private lakefront home designed for a couple and their family as a calming retreat from their busy day-to-day lives in the city. The project is set within a quant lake community that is characterized by steep sloping, small lots. A careful approach was required to navigate both the terrain and odd shaped, undersized nature of this particular corner lot. In response, the building takes on a long, narrow form, situated up slope to enhance views and facilitate access from the street while minimizing fill and retaining requirements necessitated by the steep terrain. The building is further orientated to maximize views of the lake and tree canopies beyond. A slight dogleg in plan addresses the corner lot condition while creating a simple, level drive access into the site. A second-floor guest suite, situated above a carport below, utilizes the dogleg arrangement to maintain privacy, directing views away from the adjacent neighbor and towards a small break in the trees, framing a view of the shallow water along the edge of the lake. The open carport and expansive glazing at the main entry provide a sense of openness and transparency through to the site and lake views. Vertical timber slats are utilized for sun shading and to provide a sense of privacy.     

A soft, low-maintenance exterior material palate is composed of locally sourced ledge stone, naturally weathered Cypress board cladding, white fiber cement board panels, glass and concrete.