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01. The Salt Box
02. Paddle Club
03. River Retreat
04. Marin Hill
05. Gap House
06. Harbour Cove
07. High Bar Pavilion
08. Beach Roost
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We are an award-winning full service contemporary architecture firm based in Red Bank, New Jersey. Recognized for unique, high-quality design, we provide architectural, planning, and interior design services across a range of project types.

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Gap House 

Currently on the boards

A house for a couple and their family looking to slow down on Long Beach Island.  Sited on a particularly narrow stretch of the barrier island, the house takes full advantage of the lot’s unique positioning to maximize expansive views towards both the bay and the ocean.

The main bedroom suite and living spaces are elevated to the uppermost floor to capture unobstructed ocean views with an abundance of glass. Large sliding glass doors open the main living space to a generously sized, ocean facing covered deck. A band of horizontal windows stretches across the west facade, connecting the ocean to the bay. The first level, which sits just below the top of the dunes, is predominated by views towards the bay. A western oriented screened porch is attached to a lower-level media room and lounge area. Bedrooms at this level are situated along the east side of the house, away from the early morning bustle and banter of fisherman in the parking lot of the historic fishing club, which is located directly next door. The main stair and elevator are centrally located, bisecting the overall mass of the building. Carefully placed windows at each landing frame views of the bay, inviting a moment of pause.   

Eastern White Cedar shingles clad the elevated rectilinear volumes, weathering to a natural silver grey. Cement board panels, suggestive of natural stone, define the base of the building. Colored accent panels stretch out to engage the street front and draw users in towards the main entry at the ground floor.