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01. The Salt Box
02. Paddle Club
03. Water House
04. Beach Roost
05. Marin Hill
06. River Retreat
07. Harbor Pavilion
08. Prefab Village
09. Bayside

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We are an award-winning full service contemporary architecture firm based in Red Bank, New Jersey. Recognized for unique, high-quality design, we provide architectural, planning, and interior design services across a range of project types.

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32 Monmouth Street, Floor 3
Red Bank, New Jersey 07701

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Water House

Completed in collaboration with Midouhas Architects.

A private summer home on the ocean with living areas elevated to the uppermost floor to enhance water views. Spaces at this level vary from an open living, dining and kitchen to a sun deck to the main bedroom suite. An elevated pool at the first level is surrounded by floor to ceiling glass allowing the element of water to penetrate through the interior. This level is primarily private sleeping quarters with a media room adjacent to the pool deck. White Oak and marble dominate the interior material palette enhancing a feeling of bright, airy openness. A Western Red Cedar rain screen cloaks the exterior along the north, south and street-side facades, imbuing a sense of privacy. The building opens up on the ocean side with an abundance of glass, taking advantage of the expansive water views.